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Agricultural Products,Organic Farm,Agricultural Fertilizers
What is Agriculture?

Agriculture commonly known as farming or husbandry is normally perceived as something related to plants. While it is partially true that agriculture is related to plants, a more complete understanding covers animals and other life forms.

Generally, the term agriculture is use to describe the science or practice of cultivating plants, animals and other life forms for utilization of food and other products by humans to sustain life. Historically, people grow crops and rear animals mainly to provide for the family and not as an income.

Agriculture does not only apply to humans as it has been observed in some other species like termites and ants. During the old times, the purpose of agriculture was mainly to provide for the family and not for income. People cultivate their own lands and grow their own crops. Animals are also raised to provide protein-rich food. A small excess of crops from family consumption is given to the government as tax.
Agricultural Products,Organic Farm,Agricultural Fertilizers Agricultural Products,Organic Farm,Agricultural Fertilizers

Current Cultivation Practice

There are many methods to cultivate plants which usually require irrigation and proper care. Cultivation methods include dry land farming and pastoral herding. Modern agronomy, plant breeding, pesticides and fertilizers, and technological improvements have sharply increased yields from cultivation, but at the same time have caused widespread ecological damage and negative human health effects.

The major Agricultural Products, also known as Agricultural Fertilizer can be broadly grouped into foods, fibres, fuels, and raw materials. In the recent years, plants have been grown to be used as biofuels, bio-pharmaceuticals, bio-plastics and pharmaceuticals. Specific foods include cereals, vegetables, fruits, and meat. Fibres include cotton, wool, hemp, silk and flax. Raw materials include lumber and bamboo.

Organic Farming

At Organica Biotech, we encourage Organic Farm practices as it has been the way agriculture was meant to be historically and it is the natural way to have them. Thus, we bring you the Agricultural Products or Agricultural Fertilizers to protect our Mother Earth and to assist you in building your Organic Farm.

Start an Organic Farm today with our Agricultural Fertilizers Products