Agriculture Solution: Natural Enhancer & Organic Catalyst named Agri-Organica

Natural Enhancer,Organic Catalyst,Agriculture Solution
Product Overview

Agri-Organica is a 100% organic concentrated microbial enzyme (known as Organic Catalyst) and Natural Enhancer, comprising live food-grade microbes and trace minerals, using centuries proven traditional Japanese fermentation processes together with many years of Research & Development. This Agriculture Solution is formulated and manufactured exclusively in Japan. Fungi and Bacteria play key roles in improving soil aggregation and protect Soil Organic matter. Maintaining Soil Aggregation is critical to soil carbon protection and optimization of soil physical properties.
The live food-grade microbes rebuild, recondition and rejuvenate the soil. The enzymes and co-enzymes created by the microbial action will activate native microbes which decomposes organic matter in the soil. The enriched soil improves the propagation of good bacteria and recomposes vitamins and amino acids which are essential for synthesis of proteins to stimulate plant growth. It helps to retain and improve soil moisture and enhance nutrients recycling while aiding photosynthesis as well as protecting leaves from air-borne pathogenic diseases via foliar spray. In addition, it helps to promote germination and healthy root & plant growth as its microbes produce bio-active compounds such as vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, amino alcohols and nucleic acids stimulating plant growth naturally.   Natural Enhancer,Organic Catalyst,Agriculture Solution
It can co-exist with insecticides, fungicides & herbicides and improves its efficacy as well as the effectiveness of all compound fertilizers and decompose all organic matter in the soil. Agri-Organica, the Natural Enhancer and Organic Catalyst is safe, reliable and consistent in its application and results. It is a Natural Agriculture Solution and does not contain any genetically modified substances.
Natural Enhancer,Organic Catalyst,Agriculture Solution

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