ZENXXL, the Organic Catalyst and Fuel Catalyst

Fuel Catalyst,Agricultural Soil,Organic Catalyst
Fuel Catalyst,Agricultural Soil,Organic Catalyst
Product Overview

ZENXXL is a Green  Catalyst for fuel under our energy sustainability product which is not only safe for usage but it saves the environment by promoting cleaner energy and user’s economic mileage. ZENXXL is natural and plant based extraction, involving a revolutionary refining and activation process that can enable our molecules to crack the hydrocarbon chain molecules in fossil fuels into high quality and powerful fuels. This Fuel Catalyst is safe for all types of fuel combustion engines from high end to low end engines, (ie. jet-fighter, F1 race car, ships, yachts, trucks, cars) and for all industrial generators, boilers, furnaces, ovens that uses any hydrocarbon fuels, with proven records, accreditations and testimonials. ZENXXL have been commercialized for more than 11 years.
ZENXXL is neither a fuel additive nor an octane booster but is a Green Fuel Catalyst instead. ZENXXL does not alter the chemical composition of fuel in anyway, thus safety is not an issue as it is a natural based product with high boiling and flash point of more than 200°C and added in the fuel in minute amount. Upon addition, ZENXXL becomes homogeneous with the fuel. You will not only save with ZENXXL but it is safe to be used.
ZENXXL in its present form has been recognized internationally as the world’s only all natural green catalyst for fuel. Countries using this product include Japan, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and many other countries. Its performance and quality tests have been fully tested and accredited by Kyoto University Japan, Intertek, Standards and Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM), University Trisakti, Indonesia, BSI Inspectorate Singapore, STA Vehicle Inspection, Singapore and users include the Ministry of Defence, Malaysia, Royal Malaysian Army and Navy, Wonik Corporation South Korea, Sumitomo, etc..

ZENXXL is a renewable resource and provides a natural solution to reduce emissions significantly, especially Oxides of Sulphur, Oxides of Nitrous and harmful greenhouse gases that pollutes the environment.

Fuel Catalyst,Agricultural Soil,Organic Catalyst

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