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Natural Enhancer,Organic Catalyst,Agriculture Solution
Nestle Paddy Club

Introduction of Nestle Paddy Club

  • Organica Biotech Sdn Bhd (“OBSB”) is proud to have collaborated successfully with Nestlé, as a principal project-partner in Nestlé Paddy Club to promote paddy sustainability in Kedah,Malaysia
  • Besides supplying and monitoring the application of Agri-Organica to Nestle, Organica Biotech and Nestlé Paddy Club jointly educate farmers on sustainable farming.
  • Based on trials in Nestlé Paddy Club and continuous use of Agri-Organica by contract farmers, yields have increased more than 20% since 2009 and arsenic levels in the produce has been reduced to levels extremely below the normal established safety levels.
  • Nestlé Paddy Club’s core objective is to provide significant benefits to three key areas – People, Planet and Profit – by
    1. using environment-friendly supplements that effectively deliver incremental yields
    2. provide additional income to the paddy farmers in Kedah
    3. bringing about environmental benefits through more efficient water usage and reduction of greenhouse gas emission, by the commercialisation of the Semi Aerobic Rice Intensification (SARI) method.
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Objective of Nestle Paddy Club

  • Fully commercialized Semi Aerobic Rice Intensification (SARI) for low arsenic rice
  • Demonstrate viability and advantages of SARI method to grow rice.
  • To increase current yields by using environmental friendly and natural/organic based approaches.
  • Reduce environmental impact of rice growing.
  • 'confidential objective' of procuring guaranteed and sustainable low arsenic white rice.
  • Encourge eco-friendly paddy planting methods among farmers.
  • Reduce the use of chemical based fertilizers and pest control.
  • Enhance argriculture sustainability
  • Control and maintain the quality of rice produced and ensure accountability in the supply chain.
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Creating Shared Value NPC

Creating shared value npc
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Natural Enhancer,Organic Catalyst,Agriculture Solution

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