Agri-Organica,Soil Improver,Soil Enhancer


  • Agri-Organica is a 100% concentrated organic microbial enzyme which comprises of 3 live food grade microbes and trace minerals developed from proven Japanese fermentation technology.




  • The 3 types of live food-grade microbes in Agri-Organica rebuilds, reconditions and rejuvenates the soil, improves propagation of beneficial bacteria and recomposes amino acids and vitamins in the soil. The amino acids secreted are essential for the synthesis of proteins while the enzymes and co-enzymes created will activate the microbes which decompose organic matters and other compound fertilizers in the soil.



  • The microbes in Agri-Organica is akin a starter culture for fermentation. It starts the fermentation process and during this process, it eliinates pathogens (bad bacteria) while propagating growth of beneficial native microbes and promotes a healthy environment in the soil and water
  • The nutrients converted by microbes in Agri-Organica will feed and increases the population of native microbes which in turn creates a feeding frenzy. This action produces enzymes and co-enzymes to break-down organic matter and compound fertilizers into nutrients in the soil which will be easily absorbed by roots of plants.
  • In foliar, the microorganisms in Agri-Organica will protect the plant by suppressing pathogens and enhances photosynthesis.


 How does Agri-Organica work for agriculture & aquaculture?

  • Agri-Organica is suitable for application in a wide variety of agriculture and fruit crops. Depending on the type of crops, it increases yields ranging from 20% to 300%. Besides promoting germination and healthy plant growth, quality, size grade and brix improves substantially. Observation of strong roots, leaves, stems & stalks growth were clearly seen. Agri-Organica speeds up growth for earlier harvest and increase plants resistance against diseases.
  • Agri-Organica can also be mixed with feed to improve nutrient absorption as our natural live microbes enhance the conversion and absorption of feeds and accelerate growth and natural immunity. Agri-Organica microbes colonize and allow beneficial gut microbes to multiply in order to improve the overall ratio of beneficial microbes within the gut of fishes. This is to assist in the overall conversion of nutrients enabling better digestion, serving as the essential building blocks for growth and metabolism.


  • When compared with chemical fertilizers, Agri-Organica tend to suppress increment of pathogens when living symbiotically with native beneficial microbes. On the other hand, long-term application of chemical fertilizers in soil might suppress growth of pathogens during the initial stage, but may induce resistance towards the chemicals over a period time, hence causing the growth of pathogens to relapse.


  • Agri-Organica can co-exist and be applied together with insecticides, herbicides and most fungicides. It is tested with more than 15 widely used products and is found to be compatible where its effectiveness was enchanced. Agri-Organica is not compatible with antibiotics.



  • Agri-Organica rebuilds, reconditions and rejuvenates soil and improve eco-system by promoting natural processes of restoring soil based micro-flora.
  • Retains and improves soil moisture and enhance nutrients re-cycling.
  • Organic microbial enzyme from Agri-Organica form a symbiotic relationship with local native microbes that posses nitrogen fixation properties, which in turn aids in regulating soil nitrogen cycle.



  • Agri-Organica conforms to the Standard and Regulations under AFAS Certification and JAS Certification (Japan), WSDA Certification (USA) and TSE-XIN Certification (Taiwan) as Certified Organic Materials. 



  • Agri-Organica has been extensively tested, proven and commercially used in Japan, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, USA and now in Malaysia. 



  •  Agri-Organica is economical in the context of its cost versus the increased benefits from higher productivity and returms attributed to higher yields, better quality, grades and sizes from crops, longer term environmental benefits arising from soil rejuvenation and resuscitation of soil micro-flora and allows continual usage of agriculture land and ponds.
  • Agri-Organica is also economical to use as it is sold in its concentrated form, with very high microbes count and must be mixed with 500 parts to 1000 parts water. Application cost (labour cost) is also minimal as Agri-Organica can co-exist and be mixed with pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and most fungicides to be sprayed together onto fields.


 How do we apply Agri-Organica?


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  • Agri-Oranica needs water and moisture to function efficiently. Good irrigation will enhance its effectiveness. Agri-Organica should be stored away from direct sunlight. The shelf life of Agri-Organica is 2 years. 


  Agri-Organica,Soil Improver,Soil Enhancer
Agri-Organica,Soil Improver,Soil Enhancer