Agriculture Solution: Natural Enhancer & Organic Catalyst named Agri-Organica

Natural Enhancer,Organic Catalyst,Agriculture Solution

Significant results with application of Agri-Organica in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, USA, Australia and Malaysia have clearly demonstrated the efficacy of our product.

In Agriculture, particularly for Paddy Cultivation (white rice and red rice) with proven incremental in yields from 20% to 80%, depending on current yield.

Use of Agri-Organica has yielded impressive results, applied on a variety of cash crops, fruit trees (Musang King durians in Sg Ruan, Raub), tea plants, tobacco, flowers (particularly orchids) and is used in hydroponics, horticulture, aquaponics and in composting.

In Aquaculture, e xcellent results ranging from water condition, health and decreased mortality rate was clearly observed and proven for shrimp farming, Japanese Koi, table fishes (Jade Perch, Marble Goby, etc) and ornamental fishes (Arowana).

Preservation of freshness for flowers/fruits/fruit vegetables (tomatoes, star fruits, mangoes, pumpkins, cabbages, chillies, egg plants, etc.) were also effectively demonstrated with application of Agri-Organica.

On the plantation sector on oil palm seedlings and cocoa Seedlings showed remarkable germination and better grades.


Agri-Organica is economical in the context of its cost versus the increased benefits from higher productivity and returns attributed to higher yields, better quality, grades and sizes from crops, longer term environmental benefits arising from soil rejuvenation and resuscitation of soil micro-flora and allows continual usage of agriculture land and ponds.

Agri-Organica is also economical to use as it is sold in its concentrated form, with very high microbes count and must be mixed with 500 parts to 1000 parts water. Application cost (labour cost) is also minimal as Agri-Organica can co-exist and be mixed with pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and most fungicides to be sprayed together onto fields.


Agri Organica for Soil and Foliar Feeding


  • Rebuilds, reconditions and rejuvenates the soil.
  • Restores and resuscitates soil micro-flora.
  • Assist in photosynthesis via foliar sprays.
  • Promotes germination.
  • Promotes healthy root and plant growth.
  • Enhances yield substantially.
  • Increases resistance against diseases.
  • Suppresses harmful pathogens.
  • Retains and improves soil moisture.
  • Improves quality, size, grade and brix count.
  • Stimulate growth for earlier harvest.
  • Decomposes all organic matter.
  • Improve freshness (preservation of freshness) – post harvest
  • Improves efficacy of compound fertilizers, composts and supplementary products.
  • Assist in nutrient absorption and feed conversion ratio for aquatic stocks.
  • Stimulating growth and metabolism and acting as a stress reliever for Aquatic stocks.
  A healthy soil is cruil for plant growth
Natural Enhancer,Organic Catalyst,Agriculture Solution

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