Agricultural Products,Energy Sustainability,Sustainable Agriculture                                                                                                                                                  

In line with our company’s objectives, we are constantly reminded of the need to maintain balance and preserve the environment through our green, Energy Sustainability and Agricultural Products and solutions which covers the following sectors.

Agricultural Products,Energy Sustainability,Sustainable Agriculture   Agri-Organica®
Agri-Organica is a 100% certified organic concentrated microbial enzyme, comprising live food-grade microbes and trace minerals, using centuries proven traditional Japanese fermentation processes together with many years of R&D. It is one of our excellent Agricultural Products which effectively in promoting germination and healthy root and plant growth apart from improving soil aggregation and protecting soil organic matter. (Read more)
Agricultural Products,Energy Sustainability,Sustainable Agriculture   OB Soil Enhancer
OB Soil Enhancer is naturally derived humic and fulvic acids, the base components of organic matter. It is derived from rich lignite based soils and is applied onto soil. OBSE actively enhance nutrients absorption from soil, acting as a chelating agent for Sustainable Agriculture. (Read more)

We provide humus compost fertility services that serve to rehabilitate, recondition and resuscitate soil structure for enhanced biological activity, nutrient retention, erosion control and moisture management for Sustainable Agriculture. Contact us to know more.